Jasuto Pro 1.0.3 with AudioPaste too

These are the features in the latest version gone off to Apple. It’ll be great when it arrives.

1) Rewrote the entire event system along with the AD/ADSR envelopes. Now they are sample accurate and you can finally create short staccato notes without the annoying pitch bend effect! The glide setting in both the Keys and Seq still defaults to 0.9, you still have to increase that to 1.0 to get instantaneous pitch transitions.

2) You can now create empty samples via the Create->Synth menu.

3) Added a zoomable view to the Sampler GUI. Use the Zoom slider to control the size of your view, you can drag the view left/right when you’re zoomed in.

4) Tapping in the Sample window now sets the playhead of the sample. Double tapping above the center line sets the start loop point, double tapping below the centerline sets the end loop point.

5) Reduced the glide while scrubbing a sample in the grain mode, this allows you to make faster sounding changes.

6) AudioPaste is now supported for samples. You can access it via the same Tools menu in the Sampler.

7) Reduced the minimum OS requirement to 3.0.

8) Rewrote the Community browser using JSON, so it’s much faster and now actually connects consistently. Descriptions now show up properly, and you can delete scenes that you’ve created with a swipe gesture.

9) Tons of optimizations.

10) Fixed a bug in the 1/x node.

11) Analog style saturation stage on the output, this is something I’ve been messing with for a while. All I can say is that it’s freaking amazing, essentially no more clipping on the output and it just makes the sound so much juicier!

12) You can now draw into a sample to either fix something or to create entirely new samples. You can hear the edits in realtime!

13) Updated FTP server library with the latest code. It’s now faster and more reliable.

14) Updated the look of all the Browsers, this also fixed the magnifying glass bug when placing the cursor on a text field.

Jasuto Pro at the app store:
Jasuto Pro modular synthesizer

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