Amps and Cabs for iPhone

I’m not sure that we’ve had an actual amp simulator before, but here’s one. Here’s the app’s description:

Ground Up Audio proudly presents Amps & Cabs, the best guitar amplifier and speaker cabinet simulation you’ve ever laid eyes on. This sweet sounding guitar app packs a selection of hot amps and cabs, so you can rock huge sounds anytime you want and everywhere you go. Amps & Cabs comes preloaded with three (3) different types of amps and three (3) different sizes of cabinets to make 9 different combinations. Build a guitar stack that fits your style and customize the settings to create the guitar tones you’ve been dreaming about.

Simply swipe left or right on the amps and cabs to mix and match them. To adjust a setting, tap a knob and use the pop-up slider to dial in the right amount. When you want to come back later, everything stays right where you left it – just like a real amp.

Amps & Cabs at the app store:
Amps & Cabs


  1. Aw man, I'm dying for something like this. My last piece for my guitar cable is on the way and I really digging RiotFX and Effector. I'd love a serious amp sim.

    These music apps are really the only thing keeping me with Apple.

  2. This one is not bad at all. Its rather limited in terms of extra effects but it is useful if you want to run your instrument through an effects pedal and then through this app. I noticed that the company has another app called 'pedals' in development – which looks like an effects unit.

  3. I'm not sure I understand how it would work…

    If I've got an ipod Touch, the only audio input is from the microphone included in the earbuds, right ?

    There would be no way of plugging my guitar so that the app would be able to manage my guitar's sound without any white noise, unless I don't know about some hardware that could help with this app.

  4. @Huge Flash, you do need an extra piece of hardware to get your guitar or keyboard playing through your ipod touch 2G (first generation wont work at all).
    The 4 ringed input for the headphone socket of the 2G ipod touch or Iphone allows for one input line (its the 4th ring). This allows you to gig up a cable with a 4 ring 3.5mm TRRS jackplug that has an output to a stereo headphone line and an input to a mono instrument line – thus allowing you to play your guitar through your ipod/iphone. Theres a commercial one available called a guitarbud cable but there are better descriptions of the electronics involved on the sites for similar applications like RiotFX, IRock and PRS AMP

  5. The makers of this app are developing a hardware interface and from what it looks like from their website and blogs, they are very seious about creating a real solution that sends high quality signal to the phone. I can't wait to hear more about it.

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