4 comments on “Next version of ThumbJam shaping up”

Next version of ThumbJam shaping up

The next version of ThumbJam already looks like it’ll be great, “metronome and more friendly loop timing already implemented

ThumbJam at the app store:
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More noise

For some reason I keep returning to this app and making simple drones and soundscapes with it. I just get lost in it even though it is so simple. Why?

I think maybe the simplicity is the key, the fact that I can make a noise with it immediately and without knowing what to do. I think that it probably also appeals to me because it makes very unstructured sound as well.

A Noise Machine at the app store:
A Noise Machine

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iPad Synth video

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Electroplankton on eBay

I still love electroplankton, here’s one on eBay for £10 which isn’t too bad I guess.

Electroplankton for DS on eBay

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AC-7 Pro Control Logic Studio with an iPad

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Kontrol for iPhone

I don’t know what this is like, but the extremely minimal interface intrigues me. It is described as:

Kontrol is an experimental music toy, a minimal techno composition where you control both the visuals and musical structure.

If you like Kontrol, check our other apps! Revolve is an ambient reaction game, Records lets you find information on your favorite music, and Intergalactic FM lets you listen to the best music in the galaxy.

NOTE: If the app is slow on your device, try rebooting the device.

Anyone tried it?

Kontrol at the app store:

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Interested in designing your own hardware?

This might be useful from Make. Link through for schematics on using these chips for a larger synth design.

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New things from Amidio sound awesome!

Well it looks like Amidio have rebounded from some of the issues they have experienced in recent times. Their new site and branding look great and the new apps they’ve got scheduled sound amazing! If you want to know more about what they’re cooking look here.

For me, by far the most interesting on the list is WaveReign, which sounds awesome, as does the ‘CreateMobileMusic.com’ (I wish I’d thought of that)!

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New Colour Picker in Dream Filmmaker

Dream Filmmaker at the app store:
Dream Filmmaker