StudioTrack Mic Compatibility

Useful to know which mics are compatible with the app. Sonoma have posted this handy list of mics that StudioTrack works with.


  1. It sounds like the TRRS headphone input works the same as the iphone/Touch but the dock connector might be altered (or the software is more tricky at accepting connections to the dock).
    I figured out the TRRS connector a few weeks ago and found a cheap supplier for TRRS 3.5 mm jack plugs.
    I can now connect virtually any MONO microphone to my ipod touch and get it to work, while simultaneously hearing stereo signals from the headphones.
    It's also allowed me to make some interesting accessories – such as an old fashioned telephone handset with twirly wound lead that plugs into my ipod touch. I made that one as a joke but it actually works great for skype calls – far better telephone sound than any of my other headset arrangements.
    If anyone is interested in doing the same the wiring of the TRRS jack plug is as follows.
    From the tip to the outer ring:
    Tip – Left output audio.
    Ring 1 – Right output audio
    Ring 2 – Ground
    Sleeve – Microphone input (mono)
    SO to connect an old phone handset connect the speaker to Tip and ring 2 (ground) and connect the microphone to sleeve and ring 2 (ground).

  2. Damn, this seems to mean that dock devices (like the ProTrack) are not compatible with the iPad !

    Hope that's “only” a software limitation and that they have not removed the line-in / line-out from the dock connector :s …

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