iPhone 3G = no multi-tasking!

So, no multi-tasking for the 3G users or 2nd Gen Touch users. Nice! Upgrade then I guess, or get left behind …


  1. I would care far more if any of the new multi-tasking features seemed relevant to audio production apps.

    However, at least 3 of the 7 “multi-task” APIs seem to me like they were part of the OS all along (Background Location, Push Notification, Fast App Switching).

    If making an app (using any of these three APIs) “OS4-ready” means that the app is no longer backwards-compatible with OS3, I'll be terribly disappointed in any developer who updates just to say they're compatible.

    I bought my iPod Touch 2g back in fall of 2008. Seems that Apple believes we should be replacing our hardware every 2 years? Not sure if I like that!

    Because of that, and the lack of anything directly supporting audio apps (like shared data locations), I have no intention of updating to OS4 simply for the pleasure of getting to use folders in the app list.

  2. Interesting Q&A answer that implied it was “impossible” to multi-task on older devices. Tell that to those who JB'd their 1st gen devices and happily used backgrounder…

  3. This is not entirely surprising. I'm sure they tested this on the hardware, to less-than-stellar results. It's one thing to have a computer be a little sluggish with an OS upgrade, but a phone? I doubt many people would be happy with that.

    An OS control to turn off multi-tasking would have been great, but I imagine that the iAds feature uses some of the same multi-tasking stuff to run, so, it's complicated.

  4. So disappointing… and as an ipod touch user I will still be forced to pay the upgrade tax…

    .. at least we have folders and wallpaper now, I mean without jailbreaking.

  5. @J.Schnable

    I run Backgrounder on an ipod touch 2G with many applications on “always in background” and it works great. Really really great.

    (but you have to use it responsibly, just like any computer, if you overload it, you will get less-than-stellar results)

    This is what I don't like about Apple, they don't give us the choice, they want to make sure we use it their way. There was an interesting article recently on how the “Jobs” mentality won over the “Wozniak” mentality at Apple. I think its a shame, but hey they'll sell millions of it right?…

  6. I can't say I disagree with Apple on this one. Two years, in today's age, is an extremely long life for most pieces of technology. I definitely think it's time to upgrade if you have an older phone. I understand the concept of “if it works, it works” but things have to move forward and it's not feasible for any company to continue to support something whose hardware becomes more and more outdated.

  7. @johnnyg0 – well, that was my “trying to be optimistic and giving Apple the benefit of the doubt” take on things.

    Given your experience, then my suspicion shifts to “great excuse to sell new iPhones and iPods.”

  8. @jaybry84

    In the meantime, we can still use Propellerhead's Reason software on an old pentium III with a 1ghz CPU. Not only “it works”, but those guys are exited the ipad has the same kind of processor as the pentium III a decade ago…and they say they want to release Reason for the ipad…

    … So what's outdated now?

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