Xewton update

Been a long time coming but there’s a big update to Xewton. Here’s what’s new:

• 4 new free instruments: trombone, rock bass, synth brass, marimba
• In-app shop with 48 studio-quality instruments (free 24 hour trial)
• Texture memory usage reduced by 50%, offering much more memory for loading instruments
• Huge performance and stability improvements
• Instruments arranged in 4 groups: classic, band, electronic, world
• Undo improved, redo added
• New playhead mode (tap the LCD) for quick playhead positioning
• Pause button in tracks tab
• Loading screen displays tips (tap them!)
• Editing is improved in the piano-roll and the SEQ mode
• Lots of bug fixes and small improvements (see the change log in the help)

Xewton Music Studio at the app store:
Music Studio


  1. No wav import as they promised? No copy/paste? Unless these new instruments are Thumbjam quality at the very least, I stick with Beatmaker, Thumbjam, Nlog, and Monle.

  2. The upside of the iPad is all these wonderful updates. It's been like Christmas morning!

    I'm very happy Xewton has been updated. It's still the app I come back to again and again.


  3. The lack of a copy/paste feature for transfer between different apps is becoming a critical point in my choice of new purchases. Any instrument on the iphone platform that does everything (plays, records, mixes and modifies the resulting track sound) will only be able to do it in a substandard way due to the physical limitations of the handset. Combining the sounds from different apps, each perfected for their own purpose, seems to be the optimal way forward. Perhaps Xewton are aiming for a different market, not the semi-serious musicians but those toying about with songs on their phone. That would be a pity since there are some good things about this app that I would like to use in conjunction with other apps – like thumbjam, nlog etc.

  4. Having played with the update a bit I can attest to the performance boost.

    The new instrument store is a bit of a mixed bag. The choir is very nice but many of the acoustic and orchestral instruments sound quite poor, though they may sound great mixed in with other instruments. Something that would help would be more performance options, much like Thumb Jam has to introduce some modulations into the instruments that could benefit like the woodwinds and string instruments.

    I agree with the others though, wav import or copy/paste would certainly be a wonderful thing to have!

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