iPhone OS 4.0: What’s on your wishlist?

One day until a first view of iPhone OS v4. What are you hoping for?


  1. * folders or more pages with vertical scrolling so I can put more apps back on.
    * phone profiles with time activation would be nice e.g. turn off phone radio and dim backlight at 11 p.m. Go silent weekdays from 8-5 etc.
    * syncing with multiple computers without losing my photos every time!
    * a shared file area for saving sounds, ebooks, PDFs, movies etc.
    * full access to music library for apps so I can use dj apps without each app needing it's own copy

  2. 3 Things: 2 easy/obvious, 1 that's a long shot dream.

    1. Improved Sorting/Viewing/Browsing of apps over the limited page view/spotlight search of OS 3.0. It sucks. I would like to name specific pages and be able to flip both vertical and horizontal pages with row/column titles. So one column of pages would be perhaps Music apps with multiple row pages that can be accessed by scrolling down, another with my social media apps, games, etc.

    2. File Sharing (esp. audio files) between apps.

    3. Official Ad-hoc Wi-Fi mode for file sharing between iPods and between iPods and other Wi-Fi Devices. So that way while I'm making music on my PSP I can grab loops I make in Beep!Box at the same time without carrying a netbook along with me.

    Unlike most people multi-tasking isn't as high up there. It would be nice… but its not a deal killer.

  3. I wish that the update is free for Ipod Touch users. This will be the third update I have to pay for, meaning that I will have paid 1/4 of the ipod's original price in update. Talk about a hidden tax! Especially considering the update is “mandatory” (in the sense that your apps will stop working when they're updated for the new system and your ipod is not)

  4. I wish for one thing only:
    * Being able to assign any third party app to be launched from the Home button, and API hooks to allow developers to specify a particular app command to run when the app is launched via Home button.

    (In my perfect world, for instance, Monle could launch and start recording a new file when I double-click the Home button.)

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