Physics Synth

This looks even stranger than the Ropesynth that this developer previously put out.

Physics Synth at the app store:
Physics Synth


  1. Hi, nice to see my app posted on your blog. Here are some free promo codes for Physics Synth


  2. Promo codes used.

    I'm interested in this. How about some reviews?

    I like ropesynth and actually bought it. It makes bleepy industrial drones. I guess like a cut down version of the King Capitol Punishment Sleep Drone

    It's useful if you run it though some external effects(delay, reverb) or sample for some harsh synth sounds. It would be a lot more useful if you could change multiple parameters at the same time though. Sometimes it is too easy to select the middle control versus the knobs on the side. It should to respond the accelerometer too!

    Overall, it's worth buying for special purposes only, but if you want to make noise I think it is highly useful and a quick way to jump start the process.

    I hope these instruments continue to be expanded upon and refined because they do have some interesting ideas behind them.

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