What’s coming to Bleep!Box …

Looks like there’s more good things coming to Bleep!Box. Here’s what the Bleep!Box blog says:

I’ve had a few questions about .WAV recording, which is going to be the focus of the next update. Right now you are limited to recording one file at a time and there is no way to delete that file (except to record over it). This will be changing in the next version. I plan to add an extra dialog box that will let you set the length of the recording in Bars (so you can get perfectly trimmed loops without having to do any extra work) and it will allow you to enter a file name so you can save more than one audio file on the device. A button labeled ‘Audio’ will be added to the Delete page which will allow you to pick which audio file you want to delete.

The next big change is that the ‘Transfer’ button will become ‘Share’. I may be killing the HTTP server stuff at some point. I will be adding the option to email yourself files (patches and audio) which is probably easier. On the iPad you will be able to transfer files directly over USB (and hopefully this feature will make it onto the iPhone too). I feel the HTTP server is a bit of overkill and also it only works if you have WIFI setup in your house (something not everyone has). Everyone has access to email. The share page will include other options aside from email. This is where you will be able to access Audio Copy (details still being worked out) and I also hope to add social sharing options such as ‘Post to SoundCloud’ and ‘Tweet it’.

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