iPhone OS 4.0 to be announced on Thursday 8th

This from Engadget. Seems odd for Apple to do this so close to the iPad launch, but there must be a reason I guess.

Maybe they’ll even tell us when the UK iPad will be available?


  1. Multitasking, Folders, .. its pretty much all I wish for..

    oh and the ability for Samplers to be able to access a single sound database/folder so I don't need to upload and update the same sounds to every applications.

  2. It has to work on every model, I don't think Apple wants to risk segmenting their market and have apps not working on older units like game consoles. They (should) have a scalable system that should work on many types of hardware, and while newer apps (like games) might require a faster processor, most apps should still works fine everywhere, if a little slower on older units.

    What I can't wait is to be forced to pay again for the upgrade because I have an ipod touch, and when I mean forced, I mean when pretty much every apps will be updated to work with OS4 and they will stop working on older OSes…

    I have the pleasure of experimenting this myself everytime a new update is released. I don't want to pay for the upgrade because there isn't anything in there for me (still waiting for folders), then in less than a month all my favorite apps stops working because I'm on the older OS (even thought they were updated with nothing new except support for the new OS). So I end up paying for the OS upgrade, once, twice, and soon trice (we're talking about 40$ of upgrades 🙂

    Hopefully there's something in this upgrade for me (folders?) and I won't mind paying again for the update. We'll see.

  3. Unfortunately Johnny, I believe Apple still thinks we're too dumb for file access and management. Almost every music app has a Documents folder in its Application folder where our saved loops, samples, .wavs, etc. usually are. It would be so simple if every app could access these folders. Then we wouldn't need Audiopaste/Intuapaste. But I doubt Apple will give us that.

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