What happened to sharing in 3.2?

I remember when the iPad SDK etc got released there were developers saying that there was some form of file sharing area in the iPad. Now that it is out, does anyone know if this is correct? Is there an OS built in way of sharing data? Especially audio data?


  1. It's still under NDA – you don't mess with Apple NDAs, so don't expect too many responses!

  2. One of the new features iPad supports is File Sharing from iPad apps via iTunes syncing when the device is USB connected. The feature is controlled in the Apps pane in iTunes. The interface is quite disappointing.


    There's another document feature, but since I've not seen any apps using it nor any info from Apple on the subject it might not be ok to discuss. But it's a feature of the released iPhone OS 3.2 on iPad so expect news soon.

  3. It turns out the iPad SDK (iPhone OS 3.2) is out of beta and no longer under NDA.

    Basically apps can specify support for previewing and opening of specific types of files.

    From the iPad Programming Guide:
    “Applications running on iPad devices have access to enhanced support for handling and managing documents and files. The purpose of this support is to make it easier for applications to work with files behind the scenes. When an application encounters a file of an unknown type, it can ask the system for help in displaying that file’s contents or finding an application that can display them. If your application is able to display certain file formats, you can also register with the system as an application capable of displaying that file.”

    You can read more about the iPad's inter-application document handling services here:


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