Sunvox 1.5.1 available for download

The latest (non-iPhone) version of Sunvox is available to download.

What’s new:

  • sound engine optimization;
  • new module: DC Blocker (DC Blocking Filter);
  • new module: EQ (3Band Equalizer);
  • new module: MultiSynth (translates sound events to any number of synths);
  • new synth activity scopes;
  • added signal clipping indicator;
  • color selection for synths;
  • simple MIDI export;
  • AIFF (uncompressed) support;
  • added new example track: multisynth;
  • sunvox_config: removed “flip” option; added “rotate” option; example of usage: rotate 90 //turn the screen by 90 degrees;
  • sunvox_config: added “maxfps” option; use this option for setting maximal number of frames per second; less value – less CPU usage;
  • sunvox_config: added options for control the size of the synths: synth_max_xsize, synth_min_xsize, synth_xsize_divider, synth_ysize_multiplier;
  • sunvox_config: new options “no_scopes” and “no_levels” for slow devices;
  • now SunVox can load its configuration either from sunvox_config.ini or sunvox_config.txt.

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