Thumbjam “Somewhere over the Rainbow”

Made with ThumbJam


  1. That was horrendous!He clearly learned a bar or two of the melody but his 'solo-ing' simply consisted of him running his thumb up and down the screen while showing zero sign of knowing what he's trying to achieve (apart from sounding a bit like a guitar solo).There's a lot of possibilities for thumbjam. It's the one real novel instrument (OK, I know its a bit like bebot) that has come out of the iphone music scene that shows potential for being taken up as a real musicians tool. I wonder whether we will need to wait for an ipad version for its true potential to become apparent – in allowing people to practice playing it on a bigger screen they will be able to be able to do the one thing its difficult to do on the small screen – repeat exact musical phrases.


  2. I gotta be honest with you, I would have bought the moment it hit the store *if* the UI wouldn't be so horrendous.Nice looking things tell me that the developer really took his time and passion and made it something that is really great. The UI here, not so much.- Vladi


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