Entrackment for iPad

Another iPad controller app. Here’s the description:

The first touch controler surface for use with Garageband Note! Entrackment requires a free plugin on your Macintosh. See bottom for full list of requirements.

Composing music is all about creativity.

Entrackment is an easy to use controller surface that gives you fast and accurate access to the most common used functions in Garageband.

The majority of controller surfaces on the market today have one big drawback – they have a fixed layout and size for their faders and buttons. Entrackment takes advantage of the multi touch screen of iPad and adapts the interface for different tasks and setups.

Main features:

— Quick Track Access
Stop wasting time trying to find the knob for a track on your controller surface. Entrackment lists full track labels and gives you direct access to the corresponding controls with a touch!

— Dynamic accuracy
Pan from left to right with a small gesture around the pan. Make a wider movement in order to fine tune.

— Wireless and Mobile
Entrackment might not be as powerful as your big-a*s 32 channel controller for symphony orchestra arrangement, but hey.. you can bring it when you go over to the recording room to improvise some riffs!

— Dynamic Layout
Only used tracks are visible – enabling large controls that you don’t need to lean over to hit with the finger. Panning knobs are revealed when needed.

Note! Minimum requirements:
Mac OS X 10.5 or later for Intel based Macintosh computers.
iLife ’09 (with Garageband ’09)
Wifi Network, used by both host computer and iPad.

In addition to this, the app also requires the Entrackment Client plugin to be installed on the host computer.

( Plugin is downloadable from http://www.talkative.se/products/entrackment )

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