Retronyms bring Synth to the iPad

I got an email from Retronyms late yesterday about their new iPad project. It looks good, very good indeed. So here’s the scoop on their new iPad app called “Synth“.

About Synth
Synth is a no-nonsense, super fun keyboard-based synthesizer. Those familiar with DopplerPad will recognize the core sound, as it’s based on the synthesizer and sampler at the heart of DopplerPad. Synth ups the anti a bit with 5-note polyphony, independent mod wheel, and several independent knobs on the face that control delay and distortion. Synth will be available for iPad launch.

So what about DopplerPad?
Retronyms are still working on a DopplerPad version for the iPad, and they want to do things right, so we’re going to have to wait, and personally I’m happy to wait a while for a great app like DopplerPad.

To date we’ve only got good things from Retronyms so I doubt that anyone will be disappointed with Synth.

So here’s another great reason to go iPad as if I needed another one.

Retronyms apps at the app stpre:

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