iElectribe for iPad

Yes it is for real. Korg are bringing the electribe to the iPad. The iElectribe is priced at $9.99 until the 30th of June. The scoop goes to Syntheticbits for this.

The iElectribe features:

– Analog synth modeling
– 8 Parts, 4 synth / 4 percussion
– 8 Effect types
– 160 patterns total

I’d give you a link to it on iTunes, but I can’t right now (don’t ask)! Oh, and the iTunes listing states that it doesn’t work on iPhone or Touch!


  1. This is getting more and more interesting. I wish there was a way to chain or host all those applications together, like plugins, it would be even better. As much as I liked the platform for music apps at the beginning, now I really miss how on computers they all connect together in a single host (live, cubase, protools, reaper, whatever it is).

    Who will be the one to be the first to come up with something like this?

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