ReelDirector on Sale

ReelDirector the video editing app is still on sale with 50% off for a limited time, although it said a limited time on the 11th when I last posted about this app. They also say that there’s an update coming and iPad support too, which is good, but I really hope that they bring video upload to the 3G. I guess the app will have to be able to do something like that for the iPad anyway.

ReelDirector at the app store:


No UK Monotron until June :(

Thanks to chaseKevin for tweeting this earlier:

have spoken to Korg UK about it before and they won’t be shipping in the UK until the end of June!.. 😐

So no monotron love in the UK for a while then!


Zoom PFX 9003 still on eBay

I posted on this the other day and just noticed that it still has no bids! I can remember when these went for twice this price. This one only has a day to go.

Zoom PFX 9003 on eBay


Mixtikl for Android getting closer

From Pete Cole’s blog post it looks like Mixtikl for Android is getting much closer. More reasons to look seriously at Android as a mobile music platform.


Pocket Remix Vol 2 for iPhone

From the developer who made the free version for Computer music comes volume 2 of Pocket Remix. Nice interface.

Pocket Remix Vol 2 at the app store:
Pocket Remix Volume 2


Reforge update

Reforge gets an update today. Here’s what’s new:

– improved stability
– increase size of trackers
– improved access of right selection tracker
– added display to show position and value of recently moved tracker
– new buttons
– added support for AudioX sync to transfer audio to other iPads running Reforge

Reforge at the app store:
Tibor Horvath


PalmGear 25% off Sale – Last day

Palmgear has a sale and today is the last day. The coupon code is ‘BIG25