Face lift

It was about time that Palm Sounds got a bit of a new look, it has looked tired for a while. So here’s a spring clean, face lift, whatever. I hope you like it.

Also, the app directory (iPhone only for now) will be up very soon.


  1. Eeek! It's the same here though (as before).

    I like the updated site, but I'm afraid, I prefer the original- sorry. (It'll probably grow on me!)

    I wish though you would update the speed (somehow?)- especially on my iPhone, where this blog crawls 😦


  2. I think the only problem I've ever had with this blog is the amount of stuff that loads in the sidebar. It makes page load times quite high.

    I like the new theme, though. I've always liked darker color schemes.


  3. call me a conservative, but i thought the orig layout was fine (and definitive, you'd established that as the Palm Sounds look). i don't dig this new one at all :/

    of course, it may grow on me – but i just feel the first layout didn't need changing?

    otherwise, keep up the good work Ashley 🙂


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