Palm Sounds App Directory update

You may have been wondering about this app directory I’ve been talking about for a while (you might not). Well, my first attempt at the directory is still on track to be up by the end of the month, that’s tomorrow!

Just to get it this far has taken me ages, so please don’t be too harsh about the results. I’m sure that there will be lots of apps that aren’t in it that should be, and I will address that over time.

At some point tomorrow I’ll put the directory up and you can all tell me what you think. Tomorrow there’ll just be iPhone apps. I am also working on pages for Android, Palm, Windows Mobile and other operating systems too. In addition I expect to have an iPad directory page working fairly close to the iPad launch, probably a day or so after.

Hopefully this won’t be a gigantic let down for all of you, so please be kind when you see it. I’m sure it will evolve over time.

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