iPad apps to be much more expensive?

This screen shot from 9to5Mac looks like the cost of iPad apps will be considerably higher than for the iPhone!

So I’m interested to know from developers on what you’re thinking about in terms of iPad app prices, and I’d like to hear from users on what you’re prepared to pay for iPad apps.


  1. Do I care if an app goes from 1$ to 4$? not really, at least not if I expect to get some use out of it. If they're going to be 15 or 20$ or more, I'll be doing a lot more up front research, and I won't buy on impulse.


  2. 4$ is too much for be to buy on impulse, I bought a few apps on impulse in the past and mostly regretted it (just last week I bought HexKey, and it doesn't work on my model, no refunds possible)

    Same goes for the Blackberry App World, there's nothing under 3$ over there, coincidentally, I never bought anything from them.


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