Bleep!Box on the iPad and new features too

Details of Bleep!Box on the iPad and the new features too. I’m really pleased to hear that Bleep!Box will be a universal app so if I do get an iPad I won’t be paying twice for it.

More on the new features here.

BleepBox at the app store:


  1. Sorry, but what a waste of screen space! I thought the whole point of having the extra screen space was that developers could do away of these scroll wheel things. All those tree graphics, nice, but why? Do they make music? Are they just there to show off your graphic design skills? How utterly ridiculous! Not impressed.

  2. It looks like a nice toy, but still a toy, but quite frankly I did not expect it to be better. Its a platform made to sell toys, or else you'd have more serious software on it. A lot of musician including myself likes toys, but still I was hoping for something more…

    But its a goot things you won't need to buy this app again for the ipad, unlike pretty much everything else to come on this platform it seems.

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