Octopod becomes StudioMini

Octopod has become StudioMini. I wonder why the chance of name?

StudioMini at the app store
StudioMini ? Recording Studio Mini


  1. I doubt it's got anything to do with the Octatrack sampler. The previous name of Octopod was a little strange since “octopod” means 8 legs. The app has 4 tracks – one adjustable drum track and 3 empty recordable tracks. Technically speaking it was more a 'quadropod' rather than an 'octopod' so perhaps they were tired of people asking them why they called it “Octopod” and simply changed it to something less anomalous.

  2. We originally had an octopus mascot, holding instruments in each tentacle. We abandoned that idea after a while, and the name stopped making sense. Also Apple kept asking us to the change the name because it has the word “Pod” in it, so we decided on StudioMini. We definitely like the new name better, hope you do as well 🙂
    -George (StudioMini co-creator)

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