AudioTools update

A big update for AudioToolbox. Here are the details:

Impulse Response
  • Fixed CT on summary screen
  • Now plays sweeps directly from app while recording
  • New view for early refelctions (direct sound to 200 ms)
  • Now allowing choice of length of expected IR, up to 10s
  • Removed ending pop from IR sweep files
  • Added test tone generator
  • Wet IR files now saved to file name + Wet.
  • Added graphical RT60 metric using horizontal cursors
  • Fixed memory leak crashes
  • Changed to a white background
  • Fixed screen capture to image library clipping top
  • Fix x-curve
  • Added warning message if using noise curves in 1/3 octave mode
  • Now saving overall dB value to data file
  • Overall dB calculation are not done when stopped
  • Fixed overall level
SPL Graph
  • Now saves audio + graph data if interrupted or app exits
  • Now using normal mic compensation filters
Speaker Pop
  • Removed tweeter and sub settings, now more reliable for woofer / mid / tweeter
  • Added new improved high, mid, and low pass filters
  • Fixed overall level
  • Fixed EPPO mode crash
  • Upgraded to use normal save/recall window
  • Added a play / pause button on the SLM
  • Fixed Room Mode calculator issues
  • Added a distance / sound delay calculator
Save / Recall — Major Upgrade
  • Major change: now using file names
  • Now allows emailing of results (not iPod Touch)
  • Each file type is saved in its own folder
  • Allows taking pictures and associating with stored files (iPhone only)
  • Pictures may be emailed or saved in photo roll (iPhone only)
  • New automatic file name increment of most recently stored file
  • Added GPS tagging of files
  • Added “Delete All Files” button
  • Now handles save/recall with and without iAI attached: global disable comp filters added
  • Added one-time conversion utility to move existing files to folder “old”
  • RTA & FFT: now saving weighting, decay time, averaging, source transducer name/type
File transfer
  • Now supports directory navigation
  • Added global feet / meters selection
  • Allows defeating built-in mic filters: General screen option

AudioTools at the app store:

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