My Axim is back!

Going to have some fun with it again very soon.


  1. Hi! (I hope you still read the comments here).
    I've got an axim x50 (mid: 520 mhz). Do you know if it is possible to install puredata (I saw you know the software) in this windows mobile 2003 SE?
    I am searching the web for a month now and some spots have shined, but nothing conclusive.

  2. Sorry for not replying sooner. As far as I'm aware there isn't a port of Pd for Windows Mobile. I'll post an open question to see if anyone knows more.

  3. Hello again!
    I posted the question in the puredata list and they said I'd had to build it myself for wm2003. I don't know how, but I already posted the question in the axim users forum, about how to build puredata from source for wm2003. I will wait for the answer there.
    Puredata anywhere runs only on linux and the only project I found about porting linux to this axim is now abandoned.
    Thankyou for your answer. Don't worry for the time. We keep in touch in case anyone answers you first ok?

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