AC-7 Pro Control Surface for the iPad: Specs

Saitara software have given me some specs for their iPad app:

  • 9 multitouch “flying” faders with 14bit sub pixel resolution
  • Per track level meters
  • Time display for SMPTE or bars/beats
  • Dynamically updated track names
  • Dedicated modes for Logic, Digital Performer and ProTools… More modes coming soon.
Saitara at the app store
Saitara Software


  1. Why would they put a mode for Ableton? Huge waste of time to support such a shameful DAW.

  2. I think it would be nice if the volume meter was the length of the faders and was right next to the fader. Also it would be nice to have the track names even if they were limited to like 4-5 letters.

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