StyleTap for iPhone: Jailbreak only

Whilst this is great news on the one hand, it is also a real shame that Apple can’t see their way to allowing this great product to run on the iPhone through the app store. All the details are here.


  1. As my everyday pocket computers are Palms (I have a T5 and a TX), I find this very interesting, but in no way would I replace my Palm with my Touch for everyday usage, simply because of the lack of buttons on the iphone/itouch.

    The 4 way button on my Palm is really great to control the volume or music playback functions without having to look at the screen (really handy when you need to change volume or track while you're on a bike). I know my Touch has volume buttons, but they're really not accessible.

    This is something I really wish Apple would consider in the future, just a little more buttons would really enhance the experience. The iphone with a 4 way button cannot lose, even more in the gaming market, but we know Steve's hatred of buttons, so I'm not waiting.

    In the meantime, I'm keeping a stash of backup Palm devices for the day I won't even be able to find one, even on ebay 🙂

  2. $50? Seriously? They would probably sell a lot more copies if they brought the price down to something more reasonable.

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