Posc: Pocket Audio Oscillator Kit

Maker Market now has the Posc kit aailable. Looks good.

Here’s the description:

The Posc is a battery powered, pocket sized oscillator. It has two square wave oscillators, one of which is controlled by changes in the user’s skin resistance over two metal contacts. The pitch of the second square wave oscillator is controlled by manipulating the amount of light received by the light dependent resistor. The Posc can be set to work in either stereo or mono output through a standard 1/4″ audio jack, so is compatible with a wide range of audio equipment. It is ideal for use with guitar amplifiers and effects pedals, PA systems, and can even be plugged directly into your computer or Hi-Fi audio inputs….A free effects rack for the Posc is also available from our software page.

More details over at Makezine.

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