Line 6 MIDI Memo Recorder

It seems odd to release this app before the device itself, but maybe I should have a look around for the device again? Anyway, here’s the app description:

Note: This free application requires Line 6’s MIDI Mobilizer hardware accessory, the world’s first MIDI interface for iPhone and iPod touch, to utilize the MIDI recording and playback features. MIDI Mobilizer is the perfect addition to any MIDI musician’s toolkit. More info can be found at

MIDI Memo Recorder simply records and plays any MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) data any time, any place. Its streamlined design makes it easy to store, find, recall and even email all your synth sounds, Line 6 effect patches, musical inspirations, and more.

MIDI Memo Recorder and MIDI Mobilizer are compatible with every single MIDI-capable keyboard, amplifier, effect, and miscellaneous piece of audio gear.

Line 6 MIDI Memo Recorder at the app store:
MIDI Memo Recorder


  1. Well they probably have control over the hardware release, but not over the time it takes apple to approve the app. Better early than late!

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