Bleep!Box and Bleep!Synth on Sale Today only!

Bleep!BOX is on sale at a price of $4.99 USD.
Bleep!BOX allows users to arrange synthesizer melodies, program drum beats and edit dozens of parameters in real time. Unlike other music apps, bleep!BOX does not limit users with fixed sample sets or pre-made loops. No samples used – only tweakable, analog-style sounds. Similar to the controls on a vintage analog synthesizer, bleep!BOX gives users creative license over waveforms, filters, effects and modulation. It features 50+ parameters and can play up to 10 instruments simultaneously. Sale price is $4.99 USD.

Bleep!Synth (sale price of $3.99 USD)
Bleep!Synth is a high-quality synthesizer for your iPhone or Touch, contains 45+ parameters which recreate a vast array of sounds. The sound engine provides high quality synthesis tailored to solos, leads and arpeggios with up to three simultaneous voices. The pad-based interface tailored specifically for the touch screen allows for an easy way to construct melodies while musical scales help to ensure that every note sounds first-rate. Sale price: $3.99 USD.

Coming soon: Desktop plugin versions of bleep!BOX (PC/Mac VST), updates for the iPhone version and support for the iPad!

BleepBox at the app store:
Bleep!Synth at the app store:

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