ABC … easy as … Zoozbeat Jackson 5 Remix App!

You know you really want to remix the Jackson 5 on your iPhone don’t you? Well now you can thanks to Zoozbeat’s Jackson 5 Remix app! Here’s what Zoozbeat say about it.

ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix puts you in the studio mixing down samples from the multi-track versions of five of the greatest Jackson 5 songs of all time that helped sell more than 250 million albums worldwide in 40 years: “ABC”, “Dancing Machine”, “I Want You Back”, “Mama’s Pearl” and “The Love You Save”. Listen to each of the songs’ intricate components and put them back together any way you want, including Michael Jackson’s isolated lead vocals. And if you want, record your own voice or instrumental over your remix.

When you’ve got it just the way you want you can upload your reCreation of the song to right from your iPhone or iPod touch and enter it in the ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix Challenge Contest (CONTEST AVAILABLE FOR U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY). Please go to for contest rules and prizes. APPLE®, INC. IS NOT A SPONSOR OF, OR IN ANY WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR CONDUCTING THE CONTEST OR PROVIDING CONTEST PRIZES.

For iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod touch (requires OS 3.0+).

ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix is packed with these exciting features:

Create longer songs by connecting up to 8 song sections. Play and listen to your songs in either Section or Full Song modes. Easily create new sections with COPY and PASTE for instrumental tracks, voice tracks, and complete sections.

Turn to landscape, and you’ll be able to drag, stretch, add, delete and manipulate specific notes across multiple octaves to perfect your song! Uses our unique “piano-roll” style.

Your creations with the world on Upload your songs to the web. Listen to and vote on other ZOOZbeat musicians’ beats. Maintain your own ZOOZbeat Artist page to showcase your work to the world.

Well, it does sound like fun. Although for $4.99 I don’t think I’ll be remixing the Jacksons any time soon.

Zoozbeat Jackson 5 Remix at the app store:
ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix


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