Thoughts on Nanoloop

Yesterday I thought I’d spend some time playing with Nanoloop again, and I really got into it. I was never a GB user of Nanoloop so the iPhone version is my first taste.

I love the minimal interface and the simplicity of the design, and I really like the sounds. Clean, simple, easy to work with. I think I’m going to spend a bit more time with Nanoloop this week. My only downside? You can guess right. I’d like to get the sounds out to work with elsewhere as always.

Nanoloop at the app store:


  1. I also spent some time playing with it this weekend, and uploaded the result to soundcloud (/saviopalm). Pretty cool app. Now I really want to buy a Gameboy+LSDJ+Nanoloop too..

  2. Isn’t there a tool to let you export the files to .wav on a computer? There should be, if there isn’t already.

  3. There is a wav export tool for mac I think. I'm sure I downloaded it, but it would be good to make loops in Nanoloop and then take them straight into Beatmaker or FourTrack or Looptastic.

    I'm pretty sure Oliver (nanoloop dev) has been commenting on the audio sharing posts so we might see nanoloop go in that direction.

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