Dream Filmmaker for iPhone

This app has arrived in the app store today. I don’t know what it is like, or how good it is. Is it some competition for Cinemek’s Storyboard composer app? We never got that video export update.

Anyway, here’s the app’s description:

Dream will amplify your filmmaking talents to new heights. Design a poster, write an outline and create storyboards without knowing how to draw so you can focus on what’s important, being creative.

Perfect for students and hobbyists interested in the entertainment industry. Dream will help you get an even better understanding of the pre production process. Of which is the foundation of any good film or video project. In no time it will also serve as an indispensible tool for professional directors, writers, editors, DP’s, producers, art directors, animators or storyboard artists looking to master their craft.

Explore editing techniques to expand your knowledge of cinematic story telling. Enhance your ability to pre visualize your films before they are made. Experiment with composition, rhythm and emotion. But most importantly, have fun in pushing this great medium into a new frontier.


  • Add your own actors and erase the background. 3 come included but upload as many as you want.
  • Add your own sets. 7 come included but upload as many as you want.
  • Actors and Sets are nicely organized elements that can be recycled across all your projects.
  • Poster Design, capture your audiences imagination with a single image. 3 text inputs are available for the Title, Tagline and Creator. Adjust type of font, size, color, shadow, etc. Or upload your own poster created on a desktop pc.
  • Write a synopsis and select from various genres.
  • RGB color picker, a new way to choose from millions of colors. No one else has this :]
  • Write an Outline. Create scenes then pick a set, time of day, add actors and type notes.
  • Rearrange each scene to your liking.
  • Multicam Editing, an innovative and intuitive way to create and edit your storyboards. Swipe, cut, delete, play or zoom in and out of the timeline.
  • When creating storyboards, move the 2D actors inside a 3D space.
  • Every shot is automatically numbered.
  • X-port and email a PDF of your notes and storyboards.
  • Auto-Save.
  • Project info, at a glance see how ambitious your project is. Check the total running time of the storyboards, how many scenes in your project, number of locations and number of actors.
  • Everything is connected. When you add, delete, modify or rearrange a scene in Outline view that change is reflected in Multicam view.

** Introductory price of $8.99!! Limited time offer so get it now! **

We care about your experience. Feel free to email us at Support@Plai.tv if you have any questions, suggestions, complaints or whatever comes to mind. For more info visit us at http://www.Plai.tv to see Dream in action.

If you’ve tried this please let me know.

Dream Filmmaker at the app store:
Dream Filmmaker


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