Droneo 1.2

Version 1.2 is now available. Here’s what’s new:

  • more timbres and a new way to organize them! Including new evolving Chants and Analog-like waves.
  • import/export to the clipboard: lets you share and edit and generate Droneo Voices.
  • droneo:// URI scheme launches Droneo and loads a hosted clipboard-formatted voice
  • base frequency is fine tunable

Droneo at the app store:

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  1. You can't really make what most humans think of as “music” on this app, but you can drone 'til the cows come home. This is a good science fiction app, and completely original and unique …. you can play around with brain wave frequencies, put yourself into a trance, jam over a droned chord with your favorite instrument, go to sleep fast, learn about music theory, all sorts of stuff I can't even imagine. The developer isn't touting all of these things, but I am. And maybe if you play this loud over an amplifier outside, it may invoke insects to take over the Earth. Maybe they'll do a better job!

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