Cue.Play.DJ for iPhone

A new DJ app has appeared at the app store today. Cue.Play.DJ describes itself as follows:

Cut the cord and DJ anywhere. Cue.Play.DJ., is the world’s most advanced and fully-featured digital DJ solution for the iPhone and iPod Touch. A plane flight, a car ride, a waiting room, or a couch can now become a DJ booth where one track seamlessly blends into another as you control every aspect of your audio experience. Comparable to the feature sets of digital DJ solutions that cost several hundred dollars on your desktop, Cue.Play.DJ. let’s you try your hand at real DJing using an interface that should be familiar to anyone who has ever stepped into a DJ booth. However, the fun truly begins when you decide to turn your solitary experience into a performance. Supporting wireless streaming, Cue.Play.DJ. can broadcast your set to a nearby Mac or PC running the Cue.Play.Setlist. companion desktop application, allowing you to use your iPhone as a monitor and the computer-connected speakers as master output, taking over a quiet room and turn it into a club environment where everyone dances to the beats flowing from the palm of your hand. You can also use the companion app to record your sets to your desktop!

Key Features:

  • Simultaneous playback of 2 tracks at full quality
  • +/- 10% pitch capabilities
  • 3-Band EQ w/Gain
  • Crossfader
  • Automatic BPM detection with Manual Tap Mode
  • Automatic BPM Sync
  • Multiple Stored Cue Points
  • Looping (4/8/16/32 beat segments) with Loop Blending
  • Multiple Headphone Modes (Split mono, Stereo cue/mix, Split party mode)
  • WiFi Streaming Functions
  • Master Output Streaming (stereo) to connected speakers with stereo monitoring on the iPhone.
  • Master Output Recording (stereo)..
Not cheap though at $9.99. Interested to hear from anyone who’s tried it out.

Cue.Play.DJ at the app store:

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