What do you wish for on the iPad

I thought about making this a poll, but it’ll be much easier to do it with comments. I know that there are a number of developers looking at delivering either versions of their existing apps, or new apps entirely.

I’m interested to know what people are really looking forward to seeing on Apple’s new magic device? What is it that will make the iPad a must have for you?


  1. I think a lot of iPhone music apps suffer from too much interface miniaturization and will be easier to use on the iPad right out of the box. Having said that, I hope all my faves receive suitable enhancements without going overboard.
    I am interested in iPad integration with my Mac. I expect we will see some JazzMutant-like software before long.

  2. * NLog with more on-screen performance/editing knobs at once. And bigger keys of course.

    * C3B3 with bigger keys

    * LoopTastic will be great for moving the loops around in a bigger area

    * Flare – much bigger turntable! Or maybe two decks and a fader but I doubt a virtual fader would be up to the job.

    * Just about every keyboard-based app with bigger keys.

    * A multi-tracker with proper effects (basically MeTeoR ported!)

    * Beatmaker

    * iGog with an Octopad skin :o)

    Interestingly I think some apps won't really benefit from a bigger screen or form factor: Bebot, ThumbJam, iShred, Wivi Band and Percussions.

  3. Robman said: “Interestingly I think some apps won't really benefit from a bigger screen or form factor: Bebot, ThumbJam, iShred, Wivi Band and Percussions.”
    Actually I think you are wrong here about thumbjam and the percussion instruments (bebot I can believe).
    Thumbjam is fantastic to mess about with but it is difficult to “play” – in the same way you play an instrument like a guitar or piano. I think this is because the small size limits your ability to practice musical phrases. I've been using the new JR Zendrix instrument on Thumbjam recently with the sidebar switched on and switching between the stepped and non-stepped settings while playing – to get a whammy-bar effect from this distorted instrument. While you can get some great sounds with this the difficulty is repeating the exact same sound or phrase due to the difficulty in hitting the exact same spot using the small screen size. I think thumbjam on the ipad will allow musicians to really practice on it.
    Likewise for the percussion instuments. I saw a very good video last week that showed a very useful technique for percussion setup that should work well on an ipad type screen (for instance using the IGOG drum app that allows you to map particular sounds to particular pads).

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