New version of RJC1000

A new version of RJC1000 has arrived, which is good as I was just starting to pull things together for the first Palm Sounds RJDJ Scene using it!

Here’s what’s new:

Edit scene info + Page images
You can now easily edit the information and artwork for your scene. Use the Edit menu to add your title, description and author information. For page images, you can now drag and drop images onto the page pads.

Export to LAN
RJC1000 now has built in functionality for making your scene avaliable on your local wireless network. Use the “Export to LAN” menu option, and follow the simple instructions for easy testing of your scenes.

PD edit mode/Advanced edit
This version of RJC100 has the ability to open up the underlying Pure Data patch for each module, to reveal further options, and the ability to modify the module. You can also save modified modules to your own library if you want to reuse a modified module.

More modules
We have added lots of new modules for you to explore.

Sample player
The sample player module now has more finegrained control over how your sample is played through the Expert mode interface. See the manual for more.

RJC1000 is really getting useful and when it is finally out of beta I think it’ll be a great new tool for all kinds of musicians.

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