HexKeys for iPhone

When I saw this app appear I was undecided about whether or not to post on it, but then Moonbuz talked about it and I decided I would. Here’s how it is described:

Hex Keys is musical keyboard software for iPhone, which has substantial 98 keys. Refined key design gives you 42 keys on a screen! Besides, the keyboard layout can be changed in order to extend tone range by a single shake while you play. Hexagonal keys have certain note relationships like guitar chords. When you know the patterns, you can transpose smoothly.

Main Features:

  • play with 42 keys (3 octave + α) on a screen without scroll
  • play a chord (3 notes) with one finger
  • play chords with up to 4 fingers
  • glissando
  • changeable tone range during performance
  • adjustable key layout
  • built-in 5 sounds; synth, electric piano, organ, funky synth and steelpan
  • adjustable touch and shake sensor
  • on-off key label and vibration
  • controllable auto lock system
  • Available languages: Japanese, English
I’d like to hear from anyone who’s used it to see what you think
HexKeys at the app store:
Hex Keys


  1. How comes something like that wasn't made before?

    Which makes be hope for a host/client solution in the future. None of these apps can talk to each other, I'd like to use this controller with Nlog for example, but currently we can't.

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