The End of the ‘Official’ app? Maybe …

A link to this article was posted on twitter earlier. It sounds as it Apple want to get rid of the ‘cookie cutter’ approach to apps, and outfits like iLike have to come under some scrutiny as a result. At least, that’s my hope anyway. If Apple were to get rid of a great number of these band apps it would certainly free up the music category on the app store and make it almost usable again!


  1. Thing is, I personally don't want to see Apple outright refuse cookie-cutter apps like that. After all, apps like that could end up being the next MySpace, and a great tool for band promotion.

    I just want to see them categorized separately from actual creative music apps.

    Apple doesn't need stricter submission requirements. They just need stricter categorization.

  2. I think as long as the op doesn't mind, good developers, those actually making applications, should continue to forge and increase their partnership with websites such as Palm Sounds. I don't even bother looking anymore in the iTunes app for music related applications, I just come to this website. I trust this website and the person running it. I don't know the person from Adam but it's clear they have a passion for music and have this website for their enjoyment and not for personal gain, though I would have no problem with that.

  3. I agree with Kerrydan 100%

    The band apps annoy the heck out of me but only because they are grouped in with music making apps, which is what I'm looking for in that category.

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