Kaossilator Pro video

Via Matrixsynth. I’m still not sure about this device, it seems a bit big to fit into the Palm Sounds universe. If anyone’s got one and has views I’d love to hear from you.


  1. I agree with Mr. A
    – I call my SP404 a mobile music machine. It takes batteries, fits in my backpack and it does not weigh a ton!

    My backpack includes,
    Sony Clie NX70
    1st gen iPhone
    Sony MDR-V500 cans
    misc audio cables

    I'm a happy camper!


  2. @ Mr. A : The Tonestudio, Casio VL-1, and a lot of other things presented here doesn't fit your description, yet I feel they belong here, same for the Kaoss Pads (you can hold it with one hand and play it with the other if you want to 🙂

    My take on the Kaossilator : first I wasn't impressed because I already have a Kaoss Pad 3, and I like it a lot. The KP3 can easily loop samples, and it has a very few “instruments” (synths mostly), the Kaossilator on the other hand, is all about instruments (not only synths) which you can layer on a single track, and you can still loop samples and apply effects (although it has a lot less effects than the KP3). Results : I'm getting one, I think it will be really fun to combine it with the KP3.

    My wish for Kaoss Pads : be able to trigger loop record via midi. I'd really like a foot controller to record live instruments which requires both hands to play. They have midi in, but there's no way to use it to trigger the sampler…


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