I posted yesterday on Sampletoy from the developer of Thump and decided then that it would be a good time to revisit Thump.

If you like the 2 synths 1 drum machine format you’ll like Thump. It has a really nice feel to it and I found it very easy to get into. If there’s a downside to Thump then it is the page switching. There’s lots of going back and forth between pages of controls. However, the upside of this downside is that the controls are large and very easy to use.

One of the things I really like about it is the pitch control on the sampled drums which you can do a lot with. I’d love it to get an update and I’d really like to be able to use it alongside other stuff with audioCopy etc.

I think I’ll be playing with Thump some more soon. My previous post on it is here if you want a few more thoughts on the app.

Thump at the app store:

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  1. Thump has a very useful feature in that it allows you to upload your own samples to create a custom drum kit. I've used this to shift across some of the iGOG samples into THUMP to get a more programmable setup rather than the iGOG 'live' system.

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