Playing with Pattern Music

Often I find that when I switch on my iPhone and look at the pages of music apps I just can’t decide what to use. Sometimes I’ll want to do something specific or work on something that’s only part completed, and that makes it easy to choose which app to go to, but other times I look through all these apps and think, ‘what shall I use now?’.

Yesterday I spent some time again with Pattern Music. I’ve spoken about this app before, but using it again after a bit of a break made me realise where this app’s real strength is. It is in it’s compositional flexibility. Whilst lots of apps have piano roll interfaces and good sequencing capabilities pattern music has the added flexibility of being able to mix and match patterns of differing length and set how often the play and when they start within the overall composition. I can’t think of another app on the iPhone platform that gives you this much freedom without compromising on interface simplicity.

I think I’m going to have to spend more time in this app and actually finish some of the things I’ve started with it, as using it again has reminded me of what I can achieve with it.

Pattern Music at the app store:

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