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Just checking the MooCowMusic blog I noticed this picture. MooCow have been very quiet for a long time. Back in August there was this post about a new app coming from them, but since then nothing at all which is a real shame.

As MooCow was one of the first music developers for the iPhone it would be sad if they didn’t continue putting out new applications. I hope that the new thing does come about, and I’d love to know more about it.

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to stop any rumours about this one.

    We've been working on an amazing new iPhone music app for the last year (which is why we've been 'quiet'). I'd love to tell you more about it right now but I can't.

    For the last month we've also been working on a great new app for the iPad (like all iPhone devs out there), but it is not “Band For iPad” as your blog entry suggests.

    We were as surprised as anyone to see our icon on the iPad. Apple themselves decided to have Band installed on the demo iPads and to feature it in iPad promotional artwork, and we knew nothing about it (or even the existance of the iPad itself) until we watched the various “hands on” videos recorded during the iPad Launch Event.

    Our new iPad app, like the new iPhone app: I can't say anything about at the moment. Really great software takes time to develop, and I've learnt over my years of iPhone development not to reveal design details too early, and then feel pressurised into releasing a pre-alpha product.

    I read this blog every day, and consider it by far the best source of news for mobile music applications. You can be sure that you'll be the first to hear news about our future products the moment I can talk about them.

    Oh, and thanks for blogging about us again and keeping MooCowMusic topical, even in our 'quiet' period. 🙂


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