Nanoloop WAVE export tool now available

You can now get a WAVE export tool for Nanoloop that runs on OSX. Available here.

Nanoloop at the app store:


  1. Has anyone noticed how noisy Nanoloop for iPhone is? Compare Nanoloop to say Bleepbox, for the price, it's a bit of a poor show imo. I've already got Nanoloop for Gameboy. Why I would want another hissy version on a platform of such high quality, well this confuses me. The NL interface on the other hand, is a great improvement. If the sound engine could be improved and brought up to line with the interface, and say some automation and delay functions added too, Nanoloop for iPhone would really rock! 🙂

  2. That's not entirely true. There is no Game Boy-like hiss or general noise. The rectangular wave is indeed somewhat noisy, especially when modulating pulse width. The FM, however, is clean and smooth.
    I just like it this way, one dirty and one clean synth make a nice contrast.

    I mean why would you want yet another clean but still cheap, FL style filter?

    I think the lack of (resonant) filters can actually be a plus as it prevents you from making those boring standard techno sounds as in bleep- or technoBox. Maybe I should have left out the filter completely in favor of plain rect/triangle waves, just to make a clear statement.

    I agree about the automatisation and delay, they will come in some form.

  3. re Noisy.

    I wasn't referring to the actual sounds, I was referring to actual background noise– even when the gain is turned down. But this is now getting all very retro postmodern now isn't it? I mean the great thing about Nanoloop on a Gameboy, was that the Gameboy became more of a tool rather than just a game, because the built-in “synth” was so good. It's great to have Nanoloop and it's 4-bitty sounds, but the background noise floor should be iPod Touch clean- because otherwise what really is the point in putting this on an iPod/ iPhone when it is cheaper just to get a secondhand Gameboy? Do you see what I am getting at?

    btw the first post was me. I just left it anon, because I had little time at the time of posting.

  4. i haven't noticed any background noise yet but will carefully check again and correct it if there is any. i definately don't make it noisy on purpose, to make it more retro or anything. i think i made clear often enough that i'm not into that sort of thing. nanoloop 2.3 has by far the cleanest sound of all GBA programs for example, it took a lot of work to push it from the crunchy standard 8-bit to an acceptable 9.5 bit sound (=less than half the noise floor). for the iphone version my focus was not on fancy synths and effects but on usability. iphone apps can't compete with desktop programs sound-wise but they open up new possibilities in how to control sounds. so i chose the simple but lovely and clean FM plus a cheap and dirty filter.

  5. ok, there can actually be some background noise. short envelopes tend to cause the tone to remain infinite at a very low level. this can sum up to a noticable noise floor. there's also some quantization noise (audible when playing pure sine waves with slow envelope) that shouldn't be there. i'll re-work the sound engine and provide an update asap.
    i agree that for the price you paid you deserve a decent sound engine.

  6. The update is now on the way and should be available soon (the last one went through in just a few hours). Thank you for pointing me to the noise problem. Please let me know if it's now quiet enough.

  7. That's great news Oliver! Where I really think you have the edge is that you are prepared to really develop NL on iPhone. When iDrum for iPhone came out, I was instantly struck by its interface (which seems to bear far more than just a passing resemblance to NL). I knew iDrum wouldn't really get developed further- it's almost predictable behaviour from isotope. A real shame imo. But here comes Nanoloop instead. Hooray! I'm really looking forward to what comes next! =0)

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