Playing with Touch DJ 2

As ever I found time on the train to play with this app and get into it after not using it for quite a while. I only used the bundled content, but I thought that the beat syncing was very good, so I’m looking forward to putting some of my own tracks in there soon and see how it deals with that. Maybe I’ll get some time over the weekend.

Touch DJ at the app store:
Touch DJ ?


  1. Oh my God! What beat sync? Just tested it and had a good yawn. It simply calculates the pitch value based on a BPM number. But where do you get the BPM information from? … Right! you must pre calculate them. So Touch has no beat sync! They shouldn't take us DJ's for an idiot.

  2. I think by beat sync they mean beat match. Touch DJ does have a beat matching button, which works very well AS LONG as you have got the correct BPM for each track. Bit of a pain, but yes you have to get the BPM from an outside source.
    Great app though, absolutely loving it. Finally I can mix on my phone! Been waiting for a long time, now I can DJ every party without lugging my decks.

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