Circuit Synth update getting closer

The developer of Circuit Synth tweets:

I’ve been spending some quality time with the next version of CS, and here’s a screenshot.

Circuit Synth at the app store:
Circuit Synth


  1. I don't know what to think about the new layout. I mean, we get only 1 extra space since we'll have to add at least 1 keyboard + speaker. The older layout seemed more organized, 'cause at least these “main” in and outs had a fixed place…

    Well, it's a great app anyways. Good to see it evolving! Can't wait to try the new modules…

  2. As I'm starting to test things more thoroughly myself, I'm leaning toward bringing currently shipping layout back. The new one may be sacrificing simplicity for consistency, because the main reason for the present setup is to make space for new complements to the keyboard. (At present, this is just a module called “Shake” which outputs accelerometer data. In the future, sliders and other stuff.) But since the keyboard and speaker would be the input/output modules used most often, it makes a lot of sense to have them always there.

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