Synthesizer Express for the iPhone

A new analogue synth for the iPhone. Here’s the description:

“Synthesizer express” is a virtual analog synthesizer, includes arpeggiator,portamento and more!

88-key keyboard.

1 oscillator + 1 sub oscillator with 5 waveforms.

1 LFO(Low-frequency oscillation) with 5 waveforms modulates VCA(amplitude) or VCF(filter frequency).

ADSR envelopes modulate VCA and VCF. Attack time is the time taken for initial run-up of level from nil to peak. Decay time is the time taken for the subsequent run down from the attack level to the designated sustain level. Sustain level is the amplitude of the sound during the main sequence of its duration. Release time is the time taken for the sound to decay from the sustain level to zero after the key is released.

Control Pitch,Cut off frequency,LFO depth and LFO frequency with Accelerometer.

Synthesizer Express at the app store:
Synthesizer express


  1. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has tried this out. I bought a couple of the developers previous apps but was disappointed in the sounds so I don't want to jump in an buy this only to get the same result.

  2. The feedback I've had so far is that it is good that it only cost £0.59 ($0.99) etc. So if you've been disappointed with the dev's previous apps I wouldn't go for it.

    Shame really, as it is always nice to see a new synth emerge.

  3. I bought it and spent a little time playing with it last night. My initial impression was that it was OK but I was getting some clicks with some of the settings … I hate clicks. But …. for $0.99 it's kinda fun to play around with for a bit but not something I see using in any mixes.

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