Playing with SynthPond

I haven’t used SynthPond for ages now and when I was standing at a station this morning I decided it was a good time to get acquainted again. SynthPond was an early iPhone music app, and I think it uses openFrameworks (although I could be wrong). It is a great app and a few non-musical friends have also found it good to play with.

I think one of the things I like about SynthPond is how far it is from standard musical paradigms like keyboards and other matrices for making music. I think that’s one of the things that makes it stand out and also means that it is more accessible to users with little musical experience who just want to make something interesting.

It was also good to remember that I have a bunch of stuff finished / half finished sitting there which I quite enjoyed hearing again. I’ve never used the OSC on it and I think I’ll have to have a play with that soon.

It would be great to see an update to this app, I’d love to have an export function and some more control over the sound itself so I could make more interesting compositions with it. I hope Zach can find the time to enhance the app as it is still a lot of fun to play with.

SynthPond at the app store:

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