Don’t be tempted

I just noticed that BeatSequencer has reduced in price to $6.99, but don’t be tempted to buy it as you’ll just find it simply doesn’t work! I approached Apple for a refund and they said it was nothing to do with them if the app didn’t provide the promised functionality which makes me wonder what it is that they test in their review process.

I got nothing back from the developer so I’m still £8.99 worse off and with an app that won’t work at all.


BeatSequencer at the app store:
BeatSequencer BoomBap by Insight

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  1. Apple doesn't give a shit if you get screwed by buying broken or nonfunctioning apps because they've made their money once you've bought them. The app store approval process doesn't exist for QA, it exists to ensure no third party apps break Apple's ridiculous rules, or compete directly with their built-in apps.

    My iPod touch was the first Apple product I ever bought, and it's also going to be the last. Everything about Apple, their products and their policies are a sick joke.

  2. As much as I hate Apple for these things, they're not the only ones to blame here : refund is a non-existing concept in the world of applications. Try to get a refund for a Wiiware game, Xbox live game, or blackberry application.. Its the new digital economy. Second hand market is being dismantled, resale value is a thing of the past, even for softwares that costs over 500$ (I have many nice boxes at home that worth more than the software inside), and a lot of software companies explicitly say in their EULA that you have no rights to transfer or resell THEIR software. Its simply not your software anymore, its just leased to you, thank you good night.

    Same here, I bought an ipod touch because I was drawn by all the music applications. It was my first, and it will be the only Apple product I will ever own (unless the ipad is ridiculously amazing at running old application).

    …jailbreaking only to get folders and change the wallpaper? Ridiculous.

  3. I'm usually pretty happy with my purchases because I a) wait until they are on sale b) check user reviews/will not buy something with no or just a few suspicious reviews and c) unless something has EXCEPTIONAL reviews and the feature set is fantastic I will not buy any app that is priced at more than $5.

    As for Apple itself. Uh, whatever I knew what I was getting into ahead of time. The most bothersome thing I'm having issue with is the whole inability to categorize/organize more than the 8 pages of apps from the device itself, resorting to spotlight for the “unseen” apps. I would really like some more root-level organizational abilities with directories and subdirectories ala the start menu on a Win PC. But overall in comparison to other hand held devices I've owned (including the Palm-Based Tapwave Zodiac 2, PSP, and NDS) it is hands down the best I've ever owned. Do I “own” the programs I have on the device?: No. Can I lose them in a couple of years?: Yes. Are they cheap?: For me Hell Yes!

    I mean if all else fails, if I have pirate the programs I purchased in a couple of years I won't lose any sleep over the morality of it. After all I have already given the developers the $$$ for that specific program.

    I like that Apple has created a fantastic developer platform that beats the pants off of anything before or since (with the possible exception of Android in the coming years). Sure they could do things better. I would love for a simple way of sharing audio files between programs & adhoc connection between handheld devices (PSP->iPod w/o a wifi router between them) along with audio effects/processing access to the (non-drm'd) ipod music library for DJing software… but overall it’s a killer gadget for the tons of free/cheapware out there.

  4. I got a refund for this app MONTHS ago. I just followed the guides online and was able to get my itunes store credit back within a few days.

    I know it can be really frustrating being left with an application that doesn't work.

    I'm just throwing my 2cents out there (refunds are possible)

  5. Thank you for the warning. I am not so anti-Apple as the previous posters, but I do agree that Apple should take responsibility for apps working as advertised for two reasons.
    1. Apple does not allow people to demo an app before purchase. There should be a way to include a time-limited demo period (not just a “lite” version) in every app.
    2. Apple owns the store and sells the product. If a person buys a product that does not work properly from a department store, they can return it within a reasonable amount of time for store credit at the least.

    Of course, I doubt policies will change. I just hope they spend more time testing apps and have them removed if enough complaints are received.

  6. Hey I post this yesterday, and guess what I stumble upon today :

    Autodesk argued that it only licenses copies of its software, rather than selling them, and that therefore any resale of the software constitutes copyright infringement.

    Sony Joins the Offensive Against Pre-Owned Games

    Some of Autodesk software costs MANY THOUSANDS dollars, yet they claim you don't have the right to resell it. Autodesk pretty much owns the whole 3D software ecosystem.

    And Sony wants you to pay an additional 20$ to activate a game you bought from a used store.

    The computer business is all about locking up users, and making sure they can't leave.

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