Quixpin DJ update

Quixpin DJ has been updated to version 1.5. However, I can’t tell what’s new from version 1.1 as the list of updates seems to be the same as for 1.1 which is a bit strange. If anyone knows please get in touch. Here’s the list anyway:

  • Ability to play MP3 files
  • Ability to upload and download music with an internal Web server as well as FTP
  • Automatic BPM detection and beat detection
  • Improved wave form display also displays current BPM and where the actual beats are within the audio track
  • Quixync feature automatically matches the BPMs for songs in each deck
  • Ability to record your mixes! (iPhone 3Gs, touch 2G/3G only)
  • Completely adjustable cross-fader. For the first time, you can control the power of the channels as you cross-fade between Deck A and Deck B.
  • Multiple Output Modes:
  • Standard PFL Left, Master Right mode
  • Switched PFL Right, Master Left mode
  • Full stereo mode (no PFL) for visual mixing
  • External mixer mode, Deck A goes to the left channel, Deck B goes to the right channel
  • Adjustable speed control, pitch direction, pitch nudge, and pitch bend
  • Ability to turn song looping on / off
  • Improved performance and bug fixes

Quixpin DJ at the app store:
Quixpin DJ

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