Hexatone update

Hexatone has been updated with the expected removal of ioLibrary.To sweeten this somewhat Amidio have added in a LP filter to replace the chorus.

Now I have 3 Amidio apps and beatmaker sitting in app updates and I’m not going to update them until I really have to or there’s a great reason to do it.

JR Hexatone Pro at the app store:
JR Hexatone? Pro


  1. The last version of Hexatone would crash horribly if you pressed the centre button (which was supposed to do a super-tiger-IDM-randomization of the grid). Can anyone confirm if the new version fixes this?

    I for one am holding off on updating Noise.io, Hexatone, Beatmaker, and Equalizer for as long as I can, too. If Beatmaker could make their copy/paste play nice with Sonoma AudioPaste, then perhaps I would update it.

    But for now, I'm still happy enough with the versions that had ioLibrary to want to lose that feature.

  2. The previous version of Hexatone crashed while pressing on the center hex if the pattern was playing. On a stopped pattern, the randomization was ok, so there was nothing awful about that bug.

    As for the audiocopy/pasteboard/etc, we will implement that in the next Touch DJ update to allow sample importing from other apps and see how it goes. Also our upcoming app iHolophone may have this functionality from start. We're still unsure if it is a good way to go.

  3. Backup your mobile application folder, you can restore older version of IPA files simply by double clicking on them.

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